LED 3D Pixel Ball (1 meter 5 ball )

Model : AK-PB5

LED pixel ball is a flexible and innovative solution for the creation of scenography set with dynamic and graphic contents.

One set exists of 1 controller with 5 outputs and 30 pcs one meter LED ball strings with 5 LED balls each . Each output on the controller can be 6 m long pitch of 200 mm, 50 spheres in total, each individually controlled in pixel to pixel. Power and control drivers are positioned inside the controlelr box, where through the LCD user interface, you can assign a DMX address, or activate the Auto Mode( features up to 30 built-in programmes with speed controland Master / Slave,or Network Setting via the Art-Net /Klingnet protocol allows you to easily use the pixel mapping control

Due to the spherical shape and the translucent material of the globes, the projection takes place at 360 °, making it suitable for multi-directional and 3D animations. Ball strips is the kit of extension of the strips of further 1mt (one string can be extended up to 8mt totally), for use on surfaces of larger dimensions. 

The flexible design allows the strings to be used flexibly and creatively, allowing t o create spectacular forms or applications of any kind. led flexible ball is a versatile and suitable for a variety of applications such as TV studios, clubs, fairs, showrooms, and any type of fixed installation.

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Product Spec

  • Light source and optics
  • • One meter 5 balls with RGB SMD LEDs
  • • LED source in 1 pixel: 2 pcs SMD RGB FullColor
  • • Pixel pitch: 200 mm
  • • Spheres diameter: 50mm
  • • Projection angle: 360°
  • • LED life span: >50.000 h
  • •Internal protection: IP25
  • • Input Voltage: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz PowerCon
  • • Output Voltage: DC 24 V
  • • IN/OUT wiring signal connections through XLR3p and 5-pole cable
  • • Power consumption: 9W / each meter (5 balls )
  • •Max connect :one controller have five outputs ,each output can connect 6 ball strings ,that it is 6 meter with 30 balls Total one controller can control 30 meter 150 balls
  • • Weight: 0.19kg / each string


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